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Sistema operativo

Windows 7
WIndows 7 was released to market by Microsoft on october 22nd 2009. Tested on Akori's products, it is faster than Vista, while being more demanding that XP. Windows 7 allows professional users to skip Windows Vista and go directly from Windows XP to Windows 7.
Windows 7 needs either a hard disk drive or at least 32GB flash. windows
  Windows 8
WIndows 8 is an operating system that is used almost only in the consumer market. Professionnals are skipping this generation, just like they did with VISTA. Windows 10 is available since july 29th 2015, allowing professionnals to definitelly forget windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 10 is available since july 29th 2015, allowing professionnals to upgrade from windows 7
Windows XP embedded
Windows XP embedded image is built on Windows XP pro modules for each platform. The version proposed by AKORI are compatible with most windows XP applications. XP embedded user interface is based on the same as XP pro.
Windows XP embedded needs a flash larger than 2GB
Windows XP professionnal
XP pro is "the" reference operating system for professionals since 2001. SP3 service pack was provided in 2008. Microsoft officially announced the end of XP pro at the end of 2008.
Starting October 2009
, you can purchase Windows 7 Business and downgrade it to XP pro. This is a temporary downgrade right
The "Microsoft sticker" will refer to 7, you can run Windows XP pro with a 7 license number.
Windows XP needs a flash larger than 4GB
Windows XP pro for embedded systems
Unlike standard desktop PCs and notebook, Windows XP pro will be available through 2016 for embedded systems such as kiosks, slate tablet PCs (not computer notebook), panel PCs. The product name 
windows "for embedded systems" indicates that this product is reserved for specific platforms.

Note : SP3 version uses more than 5GB, instead of 2GB for SP2 
Linux is a mature open source operating system, alternative to Windows proprietary operating system, allowing you to control its evolution.
Standard web based applications run smoothly on Linux OS, as well as the many open source software such as web browser, email, office, database.

Linux drivers are available on most AKORI products.
Many AKORI's products are available with Linux.