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SLC e MLC Flash

There are 2 kinds of flash memory which are used in multiple formats such USB key, SSD or SD card

SLC Flash : Single-level cell
MLC Flash : Multi-level cell

The 2 kinds are similar in terms of cell design, but different as final products, with important differences in terms of features.
MLC flash are cheaper since they can store more memory in the same silicon.
SLC flash have better performances in other areas such as speed, reliability, temperature tolerance, number of writes.

SLC Flash memories are recommended for professional applications on embedded systems. Their behavior allow to use them as storage media under different Operating Systems (Windows, Linux ...) replacing the
hard disc drive.

MLC Flash Memories are good storage media and cheap..
They can be used for USB Pen, Digital cameras, or MP3 players.

  SLC FLash MLC Flash
Memory density Base 2 ~ 4x SLC
Reading time Base 20 ~ 50% slower
Cost  Base 4 ~ 8 x moins
Reliability up to 10 times longer life than MLC Base
number of writes 10x ~ MLC Base
write speed 4 ~ 6x MLC Base
operating temperature 0 ~ 70°C
or extended
0 ~ 70°C
Power consumption Lower Base
Main Usage Professionnal Consumer


As of 2011

Flash SLC

Flash MLC
Voltage 3,3V / 1,8V  3,3V
Access time (max) 25 micro seconds 70 micro seconds
Pagination pgm time (avg) 250 micro seconds 1200 micro seconds
write speed 8 MB / sec 1,5 MB / sec